sábado, 4 de junho de 2011

US General Consulate's Invitation to a Mural Painting Unveiling

Salvador, Bahia June 1st, 2011

Invited by Mr. Mark Pannel, US Consul for Press and Culture - General Consulate Rio de Janeiro - I went to ACBEU (Brazil - United States Association) to take part of the 70th ACBEU's anniversary celebration whose one of the activities was the unveiling of a mural painting. This mural had been painted by young African-American artist Chanel Compton in collaboration with Bahian public school students. The painting was great and it presented clear Bahian cultural references. This event was also meaningful because students involved in the painting belong to a program sponsored by the US Embassy via ACBEU. This program called ACCESS gives lower class students the opportunity to study English as a second language.

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justin disse...

Hello, my name is Justin Carter and I am a Senoir in High School and I had wanted to say Congrads. on your 70th year in this business.