quarta-feira, 3 de agosto de 2011

Anísio, 53

My name is Anísio de Roma. I'm 53 years old. I am from Nazaré das Farinhas, a small town in the country side of Bahia. I am a civil servant. I taught German for a long time. I live in IAPI. I live with my family. I have 4 brothers and three sisters. I have 2 children, Arthur Zeus and Arthur Gabriel. They are twins. In my spare time, I like to go to the Cinema. In the near future, I intend to travel to Europe.
, Today I intend to complete this course because I have difficulty with the English expression as well as with the use of computer language.

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cathyamcd disse...

Anisio, You and my son would enjoy talking. He lived in Hannover, Germany for a year while in high school and speaks the language fluently. Have you had the opportunity to go to Germany to visit?

Tyrone Santiago - CECR Escola Parque disse...

Hi, Cathy!

How are you? I am happy to be able to speak to you.

I haven't been to Germany yeat. But I speak
German and I wish one day to go to the Germany. Momently I want learning english and maybe go to the USA for a visit.

Anísio Roma

Belinda Bell disse...

Anisio, hi are you doing my name is Belinda Bell and i Love in Brooklyn Illinois. I have 2sisters and 1 brother i like to spend all the time in the world to be with my family.

justin disse...

Anisio, i really dont know what that mean i just saw that my teacher and my class mate had put that on here but i plan on speaking diffrent languages in the future.

Tyrone Santiago - CECR Escola Parque disse...

Hi, Belinda!
I Love my Family too. But I like my spend time with friends and my Family. I also like to go to the Beach to drink Beer and to eat appetizers . I live in Salvador. Salvador is a beatfull city.


Tyrone Santiago - CECR Escola Parque disse...

Hi, Justin!
I think speaking different linguages is very important: When you learn a 2nd language, you start seeing the world with different eyes and taking much Money. Regardless of money, language is firstly worth for comuniction.
do you Have you a job? How many Brothers and sisters do have you? What are the linguages do want you laern?


dmiller22 disse...

Hello Anisio how is Brazil im Demond MIller i hope we get to learn more about Brazil through you guys.

roy johnson disse...

hey Anisio how are you im Leroy johnson the only other langusge i kinda know a lttle is spanish not alot just a little.

L.Scott91 disse...

hello my name is lavette. Im a senior at lovejoy high school. I have a son he's 1 now. all i do is go to school and back home to my son. A year after i gradurate i will be attnding a college for culinary arts.

broken wolf disse...

Hello my name is Darris. I'm 18 and a senior at Love joy school. I have problems with the computer language too. I plan to get better.

Dev disse...

Hi Anisio my Name is Devin I Am 17years old after high school I plan on gooing to college for basketball and business in music