terça-feira, 7 de outubro de 2008

Hi, Cathy!!

Bahia is a state of Brazil. Brazil is comprised of 27 states. Bahia is in the northeastern region of Brazil and it is the biggest and richest one in the northeastern. Salvador, where I live, is its capital. 80 to 90% of Salvador population is Black! We here have a powerful cultural heritage due to our African background: we are well known in Brazil due to our musicality, our dance styles, our carnival, our happiness. We have a dance/fighthing called capoeira, which is known all over the world! In fact, there are gyms in the US that teach capoeira for you!!!
We are very proud of being from Bahia!

P.S: Paloma!

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cathyamcd disse...

Ola! Coma voce esta?

My computer does not have the correct marks to add to the words. Sorry.

African Americans in the US are proud of their heritage too. Just as in Brazil, they came here as slaves. Brooklyn was part of the "Underground Railroad." If you would like to see more about that you can go to Google.Translate. Mark it to change from English to Portuguese. Then put this URL in: http://www.brooklynillinoisourstory.com/

It is exciting for us to have the first African American candidate for president. His father is from Kenya. My son goes there and I have some beautiful pictures that he took. If you study Kenya at any time or if you are just interested, I can send pictures.