terça-feira, 7 de outubro de 2008

Hi, Paris!!

Dear Paris, here in Bahia the most important holiday we have is carnival. We have 7 days of party. In fact, our carnival is the biggest in the world. Streets are very crowded with thousands and thousands of people from all over the world!
We also have Mother's Day which is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. After carnival, the most important holiday we have is São João or Saint John's party. This holiday is celebrated mainly in the northern part of Brazil in which we are! It is a kind of a country holiday, with lots of typical food, drinks. During Saint John's party or Festa de São João we dance the forró, a country dance style. Everybody loves the forró in the northern part of Brazil and me too.

So, Paris, please tell me now about your Halloween there and Thanksgiving day...How do you celebrate them? What is the holiday you like most? Do you like Valentine's Day? Yours Valentine's day is in February but ours is in June and we don't call it as Valentine's: we just call it as Dia dos Namorados or kind of Sweethearts' Day or Lovers' Day!

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Paris disse...

On Halloween people usually dress up and have halloween parties. Kids also go trick-or-treating by going to doors and asking for candy. Most families dress their houses up and there is also haunted houses that people go to. On Thanksgiving families all around the United States come together and celebrate the holiday by having a big dinner. This usually include a turkey etc. My favorite holiday is Christmas; the reason I chose this holiday is because its the most celebrated holiday ever. During the Christmas time everything is so cheerful. It's always Christmas decorartions everywhere.