terça-feira, 7 de outubro de 2008

Hi, Damion!!

We celebrate Halloween here but it is done mainly at private English institutes or at either private or public schools!! In fact, there is nothing systematic regarding Halloween celebration here, I mean, schools just celebrate it when English teachers want. Sometimes there are some schools whose principals don't like Halloween due to religious reasons. There are students that don't attend Halloween celebration at school because their parents don't allow them doing so. Do you face these problems there?
In Brazil, our favorite sports is soccer and we are considered one of the best teams in the world! Although we have a good basketball team here, we don't like this sports as we do with soccer, reason why I don't know the basketball player you mentioned!


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Damion disse...

Oh Kobe Bryant is a very popular basketball player over here in the u s. Well we dont face those problems here in the u.s. In soocer is not as popular as basketball well soocer is a very good sport its just not as popular as basketball.

cathyamcd disse...
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Damion disse...

We made a silly video outside our school playing sooccer. Well we are going to upload it on youtube. The video is a couple of our students trying to play your popular sport which is soocer. In we are going to upload the one were we was playing basketball our most popular sport.