segunda-feira, 3 de maio de 2010

Congratulations Lovejoy Technology Academy

Congratulations Lovejoy graduating students!

High School Graduation is the first step to achieve your academic goals. This victory represents your effort.
Take the chance that future has given you.
Success in your career will depend on you, because what you do now will reflect in your future progress.
We are happy with your graduation.

CONGRATULATIONS: Phillip, Shanika, Vicky, Adriana, Shonice, DelGracia, Melanie and Chilonda.
Thiago dos Santos Santana

6 comentários:

Shonice"2010" disse...

That was really sweet of you. Thank you.

pinkpearl08 disse...

Thank you for the congratulations..

vicki disse...

Thank you. this is a big step in our life.

Anônimo disse...


Adrianna disse...

Thank you!

Chilonda Walker disse...

Thank you !! your right it is a big step to take in life .