quarta-feira, 6 de abril de 2011

Ariel Joau, 29

My name is Ariel. I'm 29 years old and live in the Caixa D água. I have attend a biology college and worked and at the port of Salvador. I'm doing this English course to improve and overcome the language barrier, which is now essential to extend my studies: articles in English.
My hobby is currently riding a motorcycle. I have plans with my group of motorcyclists for making a trip to southern Brazil. We plan to go to Uruguay, Argentina and back to Bahia, passing through several states of Brazil. I will use a 650 Drag Star, a motorcycle custon type, comfortable and strong for such a trip.
For my professional future, I'll invest in the food industry fast-food, and later also in the area of
​​bike parts and clothing.
I enjoy watching movies and drinking Coke. I like playing computer games.

6 comentários:

johnlove disse...

how long have you been riding motorcycles

crystalglass disse...

Hey Ariel, My name is Crystal. I have some family members that rides motorcycles.

shalonda disse...

i would love to ride on your motorcycle but im kinda scared

Jessica Robinson disse...

Hey Ariel my name is Jessica and i like your motorcycles and how long did you go to college

Nika disse...

Hi im Taniqua and i like men dhat Ride Motorcycles

broken wolf disse...

Hello im Darris. Its pretty cool to have motercyle group. What kind of things do you guys do.