terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2011

Luciana Costa, 16 years old

Hello! My name's Luciana Costa.
I'm sixteen years old and I live in Salvador.
I study in at School Parque and at Anísio.
I like to learn English.
In my free time I like to study,
watch TV and to listen music.
I do technical course on environment
because I love the nature.
I like to go and Party.

9 comentários:

shalonda disse...

i love to party as well..

earlishia disse...

I also like to party and i am going to party when my birthday comes in 12 more days.

L.Scott91 disse...

hello! i see you like to party. I also like to party when I can. I cant do to much partying because I have a baby. I see that you would like to learn english. I hope you learn soon. What type of music do you like to listen to. I like to also listen to music too.

Belinda Bell disse...

I like to watch movies and things like that but parties i Do not do because i do not really like to go out and i barely have friends.

justin disse...

Party is my thing were im from we like having house parties and some time go out to the clubs and other places.

dmiller22 disse...

hello Luciana Cost im Demond MIller and i am a senior at Lovejoy high school and i was woundering what kind of music do you listen to at parties.

roy johnson disse...

Hey i like to party too.

broken wolf disse...

Hey im Darris. I'm 18 and a senior at Lovejoy school.I like to party and have a good time too. What do you like about nature?

Dev disse...

Hello Luciana I am Devin from Lovejoy Il . I am 17 i enjoy hanging with my friends on my free time.I believe education is the key to open the door of success.