quarta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2008

Uélder (Wednesday)

My name is Uélder. I am twelve. I am in the 4th grade. I live in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil in a neighborhood called Pero Vaz. The problems we have in Pero Vaz are related to drug trafficking and violence, but I like to live here because I know lots of people and I like them! I live with my parents and a brother.
(Meu nome é Uélder. Tenho doze anos e estou na 4ª série. Moro em Salvador, Bahia, Brasil, em um bairro chamado Pero Vaz. Os problemas que temos em Pero Vaz são ligados a tráfico de drogas e violência, mas eu gosto de morar lá porque conheço muitas pessoas e gosto delas. Moro com meus pais e um irmão).

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Shalinda disse...

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donald brown disse...

hello my is donald brown, jr. the vice-president of the class of 2009and i plan to attend the airforce rotc program when i graduate.

cathyamcd disse...

We have a great after school program called Jackie Joyner Kersee program. It is named after an Olympic gold medal athlete from many years ago. She is from East St. Louis, which is the next large town from Brooklyn. The students here like basketball and volleyball. What do you like to do?