quarta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2008

Bruno (Wednesday)

My name is Bruno.I am ten. I am in the 4th grade. I live in Salvador in a neighborhood called Pero Vaz.I like to live here because I can fly kites nearby.
(Meu nome é Bruno. Tenho dez anos e estou na 4ª série. Moro em Salvador em um bairro chamado Pero Vaz. Gosto de morar lá porque posso empinar arraia nas redondezas)

2 comentários:

Jeree D. disse...

Hello!!! My name is Jeree. How are you doing? I would like to know what your country is like? I also want to know what sports you like. You see I like everything about our country its beautiful for sight seeing. And the sports are I like is Basketball and Track and field.

cathyamcd disse...

I smiled when you said you like kites. When I was your age, my dad would make a kite 6 feet long. It would have a tail longer than I was tall. I thought it was wonderful.