terça-feira, 30 de setembro de 2008

Luciene (Tuesday)

Meu nome é Luciene. Tenho 12 anos. Eu estou na 4th série. Minhas matérias favoritas são espanhol e inglês. Eu gosto de jogar bola e namorar nas horas vagas. Minhas cores preferidas são rosa, preto e roxo. Moro em Santa Mônica. O problema de lá é que tem muito violência: uma menina foi morta sexta feira e ela tinha 6 anos! Gosto de morar lá porque tenho várias amigas e saiu com elas para sorveteria. Moro com minha mãe e minha irmã. Meus pais são separados, mas os vejo todos os dias... Eu gostaria muito de fazer novos amigos e se quiser me conhecer melhor, por favor me visite... wyck_aboa23@yahoo.com.br

My name is Luciene. I am twelve. I am in the 4th grade. My favorite subjects are Spanish and English. I like to play ball and date during my spare time. My favorite colors are pink, black and purple. I live in Santa Mônica. Violence is the problem we face there: a little girl was killed last Friday(September 26th) and she was only six! I like to live there because I have several friends and I am used to go out with them. We usually go to an ice-cream shop. I live with my mother and a sister. My parents are separated, mas I can see them every day. I would love making new friends and if you want to know me better, please visit me:

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Paris disse...

Hello, my name is Paris Black and I am a senior this year. I am seventeen years old and is very excited that we are getting a chance to communicate with someone outside of our Country. What are some of the traditions you do during some of your holidays?

cathyamcd disse...

How far is Santa Monica from your school in Salvador? Do you walk to school or take a bus?

We are getting ready for Halloween, but Christmas and Thanksgiving decorations are also for sale now. My two sons are in the military. Brad is married to Sylvaine who is from France. I love the holidays because my children come to see me.

What is your favorite holiday? How do you celebrate?

escola parque disse...
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maurioa disse...

Hi, my name is Maurio. I'm a 17 year old senior at Lovejoy Academy. I'm in the top 25% of my class and one of the smartest. I live with my older brother and like to be independent. I will become a CPA and doctor after graduation. In my spare time i like to work out and do martial arts. What do you like to do when you are bored?

MJames disse...

Hey, my name is Dominique Jefferson and I am 17 years old. I admire you for getting to where you are today. I like the way that we can chat to each other.