quinta-feira, 26 de março de 2009

My name is Filipe

My name is Philip. I am 14 years. I live in Cidade Nova. I do not like to live there because of the neighbors: they are want to know about others' lives. I like to watch a DVD of MPB, such as Vander Lee . I'm thinking about being a lawyer.

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cathyamcd disse...

Your name translated to Philip. There is a Philip in the junior class. You will meet him in May.

Any small town or neighborhood is like a fishbowl. Everyone knows every ones' business. You really have to behave, don't you? That is good if you want to be a lawyer. Talk with Philip some. He also wants to be a lawyer.

kierra disse...

I see that you have very nosy neighbors so what do you do for fun besides watch dvds.So what kind of lawyer do you want to be and when do you get out of school. Why do you want to be a lawyer

Ms. REE disse...

Hey my name is Jeree and i am 17 years old. I understand just how you feel about your neighbors bcause your neighborhood is just like our school everyone is always in your business. I enjoy watching dvds to but i enjoy shopping the most. Do you all have a mall? I also thought about being a lawyer because i like to argue and talk alot.

escola parque disse...

Professora Cathy,

ok em maio conversarei com ele.
Teacher Cathy,
I am going to talk to him in May.

escola parque disse...

Oi Kierra!

Gosto de ouvir meu passarinho cantar . Falta dois anos para sair da escola.Eu quero ser advogado criminalista.

Hi Kierra!

I have only to wait for 2 years to finish high school. I want to be a criminal lawyer. I Like to hear my bird singing in my spare time.

escola parque disse...

Oi Jeree

È claro que aqui tem shopping.Tem uns 10 grandes shoppings e vai ser inaugurado1 no final desse mês.

Hi Jeree

of course that we have malls here.There are about 10 big malls. By the way, ther will be one that will be an opening of a new one at the end of this month.

Shalinda disse...

My name is Shalinda. I attend Lovejoy and my future goals are to become a Medical Assistant. I live to hang out and talk on the phone.