segunda-feira, 30 de março de 2009

Rodolfo, 17

My name is Rodolfo dos Santos. I am 17 years I live in Pero Vaz and I like where I live, because I already know everybody and all my colleagues that live there. There are also many beautiful girls there. In my free time I like to play ball. In the future, I want to be a football player because this is my dream.

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cathyamcd disse...

We look forward to meeting you on Wednesday. When you say football, that is soccer to us, isn't it?

MJames disse...

That is good that you play a sport. What do you want to do when you graduate from school.

kierra disse...

i see that you have dreams that is really good but have you thought about anything else beside being a footballer im not trying to knock yo dreams. buts thats nice i hope you do become that and achieve. you plan on playing for a team in brazil

escola parque disse...

Pofessora Cathy,

quando eu digo futebol,eu quero dizer soccer.

When I say football, I mean soccer.

See you!

escola parque disse...

nosso futebol éo soccer. Eu Gostaria de cohecer seu pais pessoal mente. beijo.

our football is soccer for you. I would like to go to your country in person.

escola parque disse...


Quando eu mudar de escola pretendo ser musico, beijos


When I change schools want to be musician, kisses

escola parque disse...


meu sonho é jogar no corithians se eu não comseguir ser jogador vou ser musico. Alem disso eu tenho outros sonhos.


my dream is playing in corithians soccer team. if I do not achieve this goal, I am going to be amusician. I also have other dreams.

Tosha disse...

I see your a ladies' man. I love beingaroundcute boys, so we have that hobby in common. I also like to spend time with friends like you. Football is a cool sport, if you make it to the NFL remember me lol (laugh out loud).

Fetemma disse...
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Freddie Tilmon disse...

Hi my name is Freddie Tilmon Jr.You and I think a lot in a way because we like our neighborhood were at because we already know everybody.